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FIX Photography Collective is an artist-run collective which was  founded in 2021 by Glasgow based artists, Christina McBride and Jess Holdengarde.


The collective was created with an aim to bring together a community of lens-based practitioners who share a commitment to analogue processes, a concerns for the natural environment and a commitment to expand new, exciting and more sustainable processes and materials within lens-based practices in Scotland. 

FIX aims to: 

  • Establish a community  which supports and promotes practices and research around a more sustainable future for lens-based processes.

  • Provide a platform for conversations and the exchange of knowledge and skills, in relation to materials practices and processes. 

  • Create a community-based darkroom with connecting outdoor space, and establish an education programme which runs workshops across the two spaces.

  • The education programme will have a different focus for both adults and children, experienced artists and also those that are new to the media. The primary aim is to expand the understanding and possibilities of analogue processes and encourage a more conscious and sustainable future for lens-based practice.

Christina McBride is a Glasgow based artist. Her research is embedded in the medium and processes of analogue film, its materiality, tactility, and its responsiveness to light and time.  She has exhibited widely at both national and international level  including solo exhibitions in New York and Mexico City. She teaches part-time on the MFA and Fine Art Photography programmes and is co-founder of FIX Photography Collective.

Jess Holdengarde is a South African artist based in Glasgow and a recent graduate of the MFA at The Glasgow School of Art. She works predominantly in photography, film and auto fictional narrative. Her current practice investigates the entangled relationship of precarity and temporality with the natural environment. 






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