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Joy Gregory, Jess Holdengarde, Melanie King and Christina McBride

A photographic exhibition by FIX Photography Collective 


29 October - 4 December 2021

11am - 6pm daily 

In-Process brings together the work of four artists from across the UK - Joy Gregory, Jess Holdengarde, Melanie King and Christina McBride - whose practices question and expand the role of photography in relation to a wider discourse around landscape, the environment and issues of sustainability. The exhibition is part of the ‘Art of the Possible’ programme; a collaboration between The Glasgow School of Art and Glasgow Art Club.

The works explore a range of media which utilise natural materials and components of the landscape. With the use of flowers, vegetables, seaweed and plant-based materials the artists present alternative methods and processes of creating photographic images. Through invention, method and light, these works consider the photograph in a landscape of ecological ruin and question the role of photography in a changing world. 

The exhibition is part of the ‘Close Of Play: Climate Emergency and Creative Action’ series, organised by GSA to coincide and support COP26 in Glasgow. FIX will host one month of activities which includes the exhibition ‘In-Process’, an online panel discussion, a guest lecture and a number of workshops. 

The series of events will aim to expand a dialogue around issues of sustainability and offer an opportunity to engage with practices and initiatives which are currently in place. FIX Photography Collective and The Glasgow School of Art hope to establish a space for conversation, participation and support which offers alternative methods of co-creation in an ecological crisis.

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Sustaining a photographic practice in an ecological crisis

This 'Close Of Play: Climate Emergency and Creative Action’ event brings together photographic and lens-based practitioners from FIX Photography Collective, The London Alternative Photography Collective and The Sustainable Darkroom. The event is hosted by GSA MFA.

3 December 2021

2pm (online) 

Booking Required

The talk provides a platform for conversations around issues of sustainability in terms of photographic materials and processes and will consider some of the questions surrounding the role of photography in an ecological crisis. It will also reflect on ‘the Collective’ as a means to support and enable practice, education and action. 



The London Alternative Photography Collective was founded by Melanie King in 2013, and has grown from a small group of analogue and alternative photography practitioners to a collective which produces large-scale symposiums, exhibitions and workshops.

The Sustainable Darkroom is an artist- run research, training and mutual learning programme, to equip cultural practitioners with new skills and knowledge to develop an environmentally friendly photographic darkroom practice. The event is an opportunity to hear more about practices and initiatives currently in place and how individuals might wish to participate, support or expand ways of working.

The talk is hosted by Fix Photography Collective, GSA MFA and GSA Exhibitions. The talk with be chaired by Anna Whinter, a current MFA student at The Glasgow School of Art. Anna's work explores food products through the industrial processes they are subjected to in comparison to their natural origins, materiality and their connection to human history. She questions how we can reconnect with our food and therefore nature.

Participating Artist Details: 

Hannah Fletcher is an artist, working with camera-less photographic processes. She is the founder of The Sustainable Darkroom and a facilitator of sustainability within the arts. She is also co-director of London Alternative Photography Collective.

Jess Holdengarde is a South African artist based in Glasgow and a re-cent graduate of the MFA at Glasgow School of Art. She works predominantly in photography, film and auto fictional narrative. Her current practice investigates the entangled relationship of precarity and temporality with the natural environment. Jess is the co-founder of FIX Photography Collective.

Melanie King is a visual artist and practice-based researcher at the Royal College of Art. She is interested in the relationship between starlight, photography and materiality. She is the founder of The London Alternative Photography Collective.

Christina McBride is a Glasgow based artist with a committed practice in analogue media and alternative printing processes. She teaches part-time on the GSA MFA and Fine Art Photography programmes and is co-founder of FIX Photography Collective.

The Glasgow School of Art’s yearlong series of online public talks, 'Close Of Play: Climate Emergency and Creative Action’ explores the ways in which creative actions and multi-disciplinary practice can address the climate emergency, sustainability, and climate justice. Each talk is hosted by a different part of GSA.





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